PMPeople is the tool for professional collaboration in project management. Organizations need their projects profitable, strategy aligned and value adding. Top managers do not have time to manage each project crisis. Project management should be addressed professionally.

PMPeople gets organizational project maturity to the next level, in an agile way, without changing organizational processes, nor adding more bureaucracy. People don’t need to be trained, or getting certified in project management. Costly PMO teams are not needed, either.

Follow this steps to start collaborating professionally in project management:

  1. Sign up PMPeople and create a new organization.
  2. Load the projects your organization is executing now –you can automate loading with an Excel file organizing your projects in business units, programs and portfolios.
  3. Invite people and assign them roles to collaborate on projects.
  4. Read periodic status reports published by project managers, accessing via web or the mobile application. Find the project information you need in one or two clicks –no need to ask the project manager again and again.

PMPeople makes people start collaborating on projects, improving organizational project maturity, even for agile organizations, to lead the project economy.

Say goodbye to uncontrolled projects, bureaucratic work flows, depending too much on individuals, unpredictability, etc. With PMPeopleyour organization will close more projects successfully.

Stop putting out fires! With PMPeople you will have more time to initiate, control and close more value projects in your organization.

Start using PMPeople for free, for unlimited time and for any number of users. In premium organizations, only managers count as premium seats. Several roles –stakeholders, team members, sponsors and resource managers– are always free. You can increase or decrease your premium seats according to the organization actual needs. Premium organizations have access to our interactive support through Slack. Our servers are located in the EU. This software can also be hosted on customer premises. Join our Slack workspace following this link: