Effective today, Praiker is publishing the course “Introduction to PMPeople”: the first online course to learn PMPeople at home. This course is in Spanish.

In this course, you will learn:

  1. How projects can be structured within organizations of any type (large or small, agile or predictive, public or private) and how professional project management can be modeled through 11 collaborative roles.
  2. First steps in the tool: from user registration until you publish your first project management status report.
  3. The project stakeholder role: How to invite them to a project –they can also join proactively–; how they can control a project and collaborate using the web or mobile application.
  4. Feedback features between the different roles.

As the PMPeople team we want to thank Praiker for providing this training course at a symbolic price of 30€.

Check out the introduction video here (Spanish):


Click here to start learning.