Project management training is growing every day. More and more providers around the globe are offering project management courses. PMI’s Authorized Training Partners list is growing steadily. Many business schools are offering master degrees in project management. According to PMI, by 2027, employers will need nearly 88 million individuals in project management-oriented roles. As long as these training needs are not typically covered by schools or universities, we still need academic institutions teaching us on the standardized body of knowledge to manage agile or predictive projects.

At PMPeople, we want to help these organizations with our service PMPeople University. Starting today, any accredited organization providing courses in project management can use PMPeople for half price. Online support for students and trainers is also included.

These organizations can save big money if they pay for other project management tools for students, since PMPeople covers most use cases in professional project management and has integrations with other freemium tools. What’s more, organizations can add value to students by providing an up-to-date learning experience practicing collaborative professional project management, as expected in the Project Economy.

If you are interested, please email us to with the subject: “UNIVERSITY”.

Service setup will take less than a week. Our team will create a separate premium organization, with your logo. Our user PMPeople admin will be the one to manage all organization settings, no need to do that work with your people. Typical operation during one learning cycle is described below:

  1. Organization owner will email the list with the names and emails of students and teachers to start a new training subject, or training course. Users will be provisioned in less than a week.
  2. Professors will be invited to our Slack support workspace and trained in 1 hour webinar during the activation week. Professors can be trained up to 10 times a year.
  3. Students will also be invited to our Slack support workspace. Maximum response time to doubts will be less than 1 day.
  4. Training subjects or courses will be modeled as Business Units inside the tool. The main professor will use the role of Functional Manager for that Business Unit, being able to see all projects inside. When there are many projects, they can use filters to access effectively to just one students group, for instance. Students activities, projects or even a Master Final Project, can be modeled as projects belonging to the right Business Unit. Activity leader will use the PM role, and the other team members can use the PMO Supportive role to edit all data, if needed.
  5. PMO role is reserved to our user PMPeople admin to provide functional support and also fix any functional problem, such as when users by accident archive a project, block a planning, etc.
  6. Project data are modeled under PMBOK standard terminology. For instance, projects States are initiating, planning, executing, closing, and archiving. Knowledge areas are integration, scope, schedule, cost, quality, resources, communications, risk, procurement, and stakeholder project management. Specific features are provided to manage the project ROI, funding, status reviews, tasks, changes, issue logs, agile retrospectives, timesheets, expenses, capacity management, calendars, etc. Projects can be “archived” if no further changes are allowed.
  7. Students can schedule their projects using Microsoft Project, Project Libre, Primavera or SmartSheet. PMPeople tool is integrated with those scheduling tools, so that they do not need to enter data twice, but they could schedule directly in our tool, as well. Other integrations available are with file sharing tools —Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, Sharepoint— task management tools —Asana— and instant messaging tools —Slack.
  8. User can access via mobile application —iOS or Android— to read/edit many data.
  9. Practice results —project charter, stakeholder register, schedule, EVM charts, ROI analysis, funding plan, funding controls, risk register, issue log, capacity plan, status review dashboards, change logs, etc.— can have online evidence or as PDF files. Professors can check in real time via web or mobile application.
  10. At the end of the learning cycle, students will be deprovisioned by our team at PMPeople.

PMPeople is the tool for the project economy. It is aimed to unify professional project management by these differential points:

  • Designed by and for professional project managers, following professional project management standards.
  • Online productivity –less meetings, less documents, less workflows– through distributed collaboration among 12 specialized roles: Organization Owner, 6 roles on demand management and 5 roles on supply management.
  • Freemium product –unlimited time, unlimited users, only managers have to pay– usable via web and mobile application.

Start using PMPeople for free, for unlimited time and for any number of users. In premium organizations, only managers have to pay. Several roles –stakeholders, team members, sponsors and resource managers– are always free. You can increase or decrease your premium seats according to the organization actual needs. Premium organizations have access to our interactive support through Slack. Our servers are located in EU. This software can also be hosted on customer premises.

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